Brand strategy

Our job is to answer the question asked by customers, ‘Why should I buy from you?’ We then make sure the answer is at the heart of daily life for internal teams, from marketing and sales, to HR. Every employee should know what the brand does, why customers should care and what makes it different from the competition.

We focus on the three Ps:
– Brand Positioning
– Brand Proposition
– Brand Purpose

Working together – Day 1
We start every project with a proposition workshop. It’s designed to focus the core team on the brand, customer and competition. It’s outlined here:
Step 1: Customers
Brainstorm the things your customers value most, covering a wall with Post-it Notes.
Step 2: Product
Edit step 1 keeping only the Post-it Notes that your brand delivers on.
Step 3: Competition
Edit step 2 leaving only the Post-it Notes that set your brand apart from the competition.