Brand reading — July

Here’s 5 brand strategy and marketing articles that got our attention this month.

1. Think with Google:
How people decide what to buy lies in the “messy middle” of the purchase journey

Great article about the purchase journey, ‘messy middle’ and 6 biases that influence purchase decisions.

2. Harvard Business Review:
Brand Marketing Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Here’s 5 actionable points for any marketing team needing a covid strategy.

3. You Gov (UK):
An emotional year: YouGov’s British mood tracker

Useful reference for anyone who wants to get a sense of the mood in the UK over the past twelve months, with Brexit, the General Election and Covid-19.

4. Wolff Olins:
Conscious Brands — The race to make a better brand

We’ve been checking out some other brand voices that have emerged from lockdown, including this one from Wolff Olins.

5. Fast Company:
Want to speak out like Ben & Jerry’s? Here’s how to earn it

Article about what it takes to be an authentic advocacy-minded brand, and yes, it goes beyond a few social media posts.

July 2020