Brand strategy
We work with creative agencies and marketing teams to develop brand strategies that help businesses get closer to their customers.

Our strategic approach is based around brand position, proposition and purpose. These three P’s relate to ‘where’ the brand exists in the market, ‘what’ the brand does, and ‘why’ the business exists beyond just making money.

Our process is designed to be simple and easy to understand for all internal teams. It provides a strategic foundation to brand content and creative (brand identity, etc), and to marketing planning, campaigns and sales.

Brand position
The strategy defines where the brand sits in the market in terms of future growth and competitors. We often work with clients on their brand position during periods of growth where the business is entering new markets and needs to appeal to new audiences. Having a clear brand position helps to guide the proposition and purpose.

Brand proposition
The brand proposition decribes what the ‘brand entity’ does and why customers should care. It should be a short statement that’s easy for everyone to understand. The process involves understanding the customer needs and competitor propositions. The aim is to develop a differentiated proposition that’s valued by customers.

Brand purpose
Having a clear brand purpose is good for two reasons. It helps to guide strategic decisions about the business, what it does and doesn’t do (think Google’s mission statement). It also helps to galvinise internal teams around a higher purpose that everyone can get behind. We often create brand values in conjunction with purpose.