Bright New Thing is a
one day brand strategy
workshop designed to
kickstart your brand.

What's so great?

The workshop
Based on three strategic questions called Bright, New and Thing.

What’s the bright idea?
We start with your brand proposition. It's a short statement that sets-out what you do in a language that everyone understands.

Most organisations struggle to communicate what they do consistently. Even most branding processes fail to make the brand proposition clear. Our first priority is to communicate what the brand does in a way that makes sense to every employee, not just marketing teams.

We work together to create a short statement that everyone can get behind and understand, no jargon.

What’s new about it?
Hand-in-hand with the brand proposition is the brand USP. We focus on what’s new or different. Is it faster, smarter, cleaner, healthier, cheaper?

The magic ingredient is 'difference' — the ability to define yourself as something other than your competitors.

What’s the thing customers value most?
This is about understanding what customers value and aligning your brand to their needs. For example, if it's about 'low cost' then every manifestation of the brand, from design to messaging, should re-enforce this value.

Successful brands consistently communicate their value to customers, whether it's design (eg. Apple), service (eg. John Lewis), safety (eg. Volvo), cost (eg. Ryanair), convenience (eg. AmazonPrime), etc.

What's your thing?

About us

We have over twenty years experience working for global brand consultancies in London and New York. Our mission is to make the branding process less complicated and more relevant to our clients.

We’re based in London, working with clients globally, from car sharing and crowdfunding to citizen identity.

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