I’m Nick (Linkedin). I’m an experienced brand consultant, based in London.

I set up Bright New Thing to work with bright, new ventures. Together with a small network of brand strategists and creatives, we develop branding strategies that drive growth.

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Uber for Business —
We recently created the ‘Uber for...’ campaign strategy and messaging for Uber’s Business team in North America.

GenKey —
We developed GenKey’s ‘Identity for all’ mission. They help to deliver mass-ID to millions of people, making it possible to do basic democratic things, like vote, access healthcare and social protection.

When it comes to brand values, there’s much to admire about McKinsey’s ‘Obligation to Dissent’.

Backed.vc —
Naming and brand direction for a next gen seed fund. The name reflects their peer-to-peer approach. We added a punchy tagline, simply, 100%. What more could you ask?

Meltwater —
Brand values of ‘fun and respect’ for Meltwater, a San Francisco tech company with roots in Norway. They’re a global leader in media monitoring, with 2000+ employees and over 22,000 corporate clients.

Brand identity dev

Market Peckham —
Brand naming and direction for a new coworking/social space in South-East London.


Carbon footprint tracker (development)

St. John Typeface —
The typeface honours William Caslon’s typeface, ‘Caslon’, from the 1700s. Caslon’s letter-foundry was on Chiswell Street, near the Barbican in London.

Uber for Business —
The ‘Uber for...’ campaign across digital and social.

Outside Insight —
We articulated Meltwater’s mission as ‘Outside Insight’. It’s now a book, published by Penguin, and ranked by Forbes as one of the top reads on business insights.

“Branding is an intrinsic part of an organization, not a layer around it.”

GenKey —
Electoral brand messaging. GenKey help to deliver mass-ID verification for Presidential Elections in Africa.

If you’re ever faced with the challenge of writing an election campaign slogan, here’s a cautionary note to avoid ones like ‘Better together’.

St. John Typeface —
We made a new typeface that references the original type specimen sheets of Caslon, published in 1798 and held in the archives of The British Library. Caslon type was used for America’s Declaration of Independence.

Carbon footprint tracker —
Naming and brand development

Uber Eats for Business —
Campaign strategy and messaging to launch the Uber Eats Business service.

Meltwater’s brand statement

European Association of Biometrics —
A non-profit organization that promotes the responsible use of digital identity technology. We helped to articulate their role, bringing together a diverse membership of industry leaders, academics and government agencies from across Europe.

Uber for Business campaign

“Brands are cultural entities, they reflect the world and also help to shape it.”

GenKey’s logo

Backed.vc, brand tone of voice

Brands are increasingly expressing views on social causes. Here’s an interesting report on how UK and US consumers feel about it.

Uber Eats for Business, launch campaign

Backed, brand direction

Meltwater’s CEO launching ‘Outside Insight’

Tokyo Green

Uber Eats for Business, launch campaign

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