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We see branding as a way to give form to products and experiences, not to create a layer around them.

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Brands are cultural entities, they reflect the world as much as organizations.

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Bright New Thing is a strategic-led brand agency set-up to work with bright, new ventures. We work with global tech businesses (B2B, SaaS) from data-science to biometrics, and with consumer brands like Uber.

Bright New Thing is based in London. Say hi.


How Alphabet Inc. saved Google’s mission statement

In October 2014, Larry Page, then Chief Executive of Google, gave an interview to the Financial Times that revealed some interesting thoughts about Google’s mission statement and the subsequent launch of Alphabet Inc, a year later…

Are brands virtue signalling about causes?

Perhaps this year more than any other, brands have engaged with a wide range of social and political causes, from gay rights to plastic waste. Whilst it seems like an all-round good idea, it raises some interesting questions…

Organisations need an “Obligation to Dissent”

With recent reports of Oxfam sex abuse, Weinstein allegations and the VW emissions scandal, the ability for people in organisations to speak openly and question those in charge, seems to be a rare thing. Speaking out takes guts, but it also requires a receptiveness to listen….

Make Slogans Great Again

If there’s one lesson from politics in 2016 it was to ditch slogans like Hillary Clinton’s “Stronger Together” and the Brexit Remain Campaign’s “Better Together”…

Why value propositions matter

Value Propositions often get lost in marketing planning, but they’re pretty essential. They help to answer the question on every customer’s lips, “Why should I choose you?”…

Brand statements

Here’s an incomplete and growing resource of things brands say, mainly mission statements and great opening lines from Amazon, Google, IKEA, Nike, the NYPD and Stonewall…

What makes you better?

As a strategy agency, we’re interested in what makes a brand (product/service) better. It’s a question that’s often asked by customers and yet it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves from leadership teams…

What influences customer spend?

Here’s Morgan Stanley’s report on the influences behind customer spending…

Brand reading

Some interesting links to articles on brand/marketing strategy from Google’s ‘Messy middle’ purchase journey, to Fast Company on what it takes to create an authentic, advocacy-minded brand…