Brands are cultural

They reflect the world and also help to shape it.

At Bright New Thing, we work with senior teams to position what they do in a broader context.

Here’s what we mean

Take GenKey, a biometrics client. Their patented SDK tech enables large scale ID registration and verification, but that’s only one side of the story. The other is that their technology helps millions of people with no ID to vote, access healthcare and receive social aid. Before working with us it was all about the tech, today it’s about ‘Identity for all’.

Why it matters

For good reason, the focus is often on ‘the what’ (the product), but ‘the why’ also has huge value. It can be the thing that sustains a brand for the long run. It aligns teams around something bigger and is the North Star that guides the path ahead. You only have to look to brands like Google, Patagonia, Tesla (and countless others) to see the value of brands that connect with something bigger.

Based in London, we work mainly with tech businesses, B2B SaaS and consumer brands like Uber.

Say hello

I’m Nick (Linkedin), founder of Bright New Thing. I have over 15 years experience working with global brands. If you’d like to talk, email me.

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