Services - Bright New Thing

We focus on what a brand does, how it’s different and what the value is to customers.

Brand Strategy

Sometimes the most obvious questions about a brand such as ‘What is it?’ and ‘How is it different?’ can get lost in the branding process.

Our proposition-led strategy prioritises these questions using a simple framework that's easy for client teams to workshop and share.

The framework is based on three questions – ‘What's the bright idea?’, ‘What's new or different about it?’ and, ‘What's the thing customers value most?’

Brand Naming

Naming a new brand or product proposition can be a challenging process. The Brand Strategy phase provides the basis for naming development and workshops.

Brand Messaging

We aim to answer the question on every customers lips, “why should I choose you?


We write key messages for new propositions – from taglines to the first thing customers read on your homepage.

We also develop thought-leadership strategies and write industry reports, press articles and conference presentations.