BNT developed the ‘Identity for all’ brand strategy for GenKey, a global leader in biometrics.

GenKey’s Proposition Strategy aligns with the UN Sustainability Goals calling for everyone to have a verifiable identity by 2030. Currently its estimated there are 1.5 billion people in the world, often in the poorest parts, that have no legal identity. This makes it difficult for them to access basic social protection systems, healthcare services, open a bank account, or vote in elections.

BNT’s ‘Identity for all’ strategy is GenKey’s corporate tag-line and mission. In 2012, GenKey delivered the world’s first biometric voter verification for the Ghana Presidential Election and has since register over 100 million citizens across Africa for the purpose of elections, healthcare and social protection.

BNT continues to write key messages and content, including industry reports across a range of related topics (eg. how identity systems can improve KYC standards for financial services), along with conference presentations and sales materials.