Bright New Thing
Branding for bright, new things.

We help to bring new ideas to life, from brand strategy to campaigns. Our clients are mainly tech and vc’s in Europe / US.

Uber — Our latest work to launch Uber Eats for Business. It’s Uber Eats as you know it except all orders are linked to one business account. Campaign running in the US on GDN, Facebook and Linked.

Client work —

Meltwater | brand strategy, mission | brand strategy, naming, identity

GenKey | Biometric elections

1896 | brand identity

Market Peckham | brand strategy, naming

Uber for Business | social campaign

Confidential | Launching 2019

Uber Eats for Business | social campaign

Why Value Propositions matter

GenKey | brand strategy

Uber for Business | campaign copy

Meltwater | brand values

Thoughts on Apple’s naming system

European Association of Biometrics | brand strategy

Drinks co. | brand proposition

GenKey | brand mission and vision

Outside Insight | brand tagline and book

Make slogans great again | brand messaging