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Every business needs a strong value proposition. We help write it.

We’re a London based team of brand strategists and writers specialising in analysing and writing value propositions. A value proposition is a strategic statement designed to maximise the benefits of a product (service or brand) to customers. Or to put it simply, to answer the question on every customer’s lips, ‘Why should I choose you?’

Our process kicks off with a workshop, based on three stages outlined below. It results in a Customer Value Report that shows how well a product performs against the things customers value most. It provides a quick analysis of a product’s performance and can be applied across a range of customer segments and also include competitors for benchmarking.

Customer Value Workshop
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Step 1
The team focuses on a particular customer segment and their needs.


Step 2
We grade how well your product meets the needs of this segment.


Step 3
We conclude with a value report that brings together customer needs and product performance.

The output 

The Customer Value Report is used to write the value proposition: a strategic statement that sets out the main benefits of a product to a particular segment. It’s an essential starting point for any brand and marketing strategy.


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Thanks to Doug at Nest, Tim at Fitbit and Alex at Backed VC for contributing.

About us

Bright New Thing specialises in analysing and writing value propositions, set up by Nick Couch (LinkedIn). We’re a team of strategists from a brand and copywriting background. Based in London, we work with clients globally, mainly in technology and venture capital.

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