Bright New Thing

Bright New Thing

Every product needs a story.

...they help customers make choices.

Bright New Thing works with businesses to turn product ideas into brand propositions.

Our approach is
strategic and creative.

Strategy phase

We focus on two questions —

What’s the
bright idea?

Getting to the heart of what the product does and who it’s for.

— Customer profile
— Proposition description

What’s new
about it?

Setting out the benefits with an eye on the competition.

— Product benefits
— Competitive differences

Creative phase

We then give the product
a name and a voice.


Creating a name that helps you stand out and builds on the strategy.


Starting a conversation with your customers that’s as much about them, as the product.

Our process goes from product idea to brand proposition.




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Bright New Thing is a brand consultancy working with clients from big data and biometrics.

We’re based in London, working on projects in the US and Europe.

Connect with Bright New Thing’s founder, Nick Couch (Linkedin).